How to get and activate a Three prepaid eSIM?

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When it comes to talking about Three, there’s plenty of information available regarding this carrier. First of all, the Three eSIM is one of the most popular alternatives for travelers who are already their customers. Still, is it as good as people say it is? Well, that’s something we want to discuss right now.

When it comes to talking about Three, many different doubts and questions arise, specially if you’re a first-time customer. One of those things they can think about is how to activate the eSIM, how it works, and many other things. So, let’s talk about everything people need to know!

How does Three eSIM work?

Let’s talk about one important point. How does the eSIM work? What do people need to know about this topic? Is there a difference between this eSIM compared to other options we have available on the market?

The answer is no. There might be some differences in how people can get an eSIM or the plans they will use, but the eSIM works mostly the same way as any other eSIM in the market

This will work as a substitute for a SIM card. As we could expect, people will only need a cellphone that is compatible with eSIMs. Other than this, there’s nothing else to say about how it works.

But that’s not everything we have to mention. From now on, we will be talking about other important topics.

Does Three eSIM work internationally?

When it comes to using an eSIM, people might wonder whether it will work internationally or not. In this particular case, it will work when traveling worldwide. There’s nothing to worry about when using one.

Now, what we know is that this one is an excellent option for people to use when traveling. As long as there’s Three coverage in the area where you’re traveling to, with roaming, of course, then it will work perfectly while staying there!

Thankfully, there are different roaming plans for people using Three. So, before traveling, they might want to check out how much it will cost them to use it.

Details of Three Prepaid eSIM

Let’s talk about the details of the prepaid eSIM. There are many things to mention concerning the Three Prepaid eSIM, so let’s start from the basics.

For those wondering, eSIMs are basically digital SIM cards. There’s nothing to worry about it, and this means people will get to use the prepaid data plan they were using before changing from one service to the other. This is something people need to keep in mind as much as they can.

One thing we can get to mention is the coverage. Leaving the UK and the EU zone aside, there are over 70 different countries where the eSIM will work flawlessly. And that’s something travelers love to know. Of course, the roaming price will vary depending on the destination.

Other than this, we can get to talk a bit about data plans. There are many different data plans available for people to use. The one they choose, as we said before, will be available for use with their eSIM. There’s nothing to worry about regarding this issue when thinking about eSIM use.

Lastly, something we can’t forget is customer service. Three is based in the UK, meaning all the customer support teams will be in English. Therefore, that’s something people need to keep in mind when using their eSIMs

It is important to mention that, as for now, Three are not offering eSIMs, as they are carrying out trial tests to see how they work.

Three eSIM supported devices

Due to Three being in the testing stage of eSIMs, it is a bit complicated to know exactly on which devices it will end up working on. As for now, we can tell last-gen smartphone will certainly be able to use an eSIM.

Still, this is something we don’t exactly know. Once Three offers customers full information regarding how their eSIM will work in the future, then a list of the devices compatible with their eSIM will be available as well. As for now, surely some Samsung, Apple, Google, and OPPO devices can use a Three eSIM.

Three Prepaid eSIM App

When it comes to using an app, many cellular providers will ask customers to download and install their official app to use in order to manage not only an eSIM, but all their services related to the carrier. In this case, we know that Three provides has an official app, even though people can’t use it to manage eSIMs at this moment.

To use this app, people can either get an iOS or Android device. It won’t matter which one they prefer to use as the app is enabled to work on both. So, as long as people can download the app, it will only take a few minutes to start using it.

How to get an eSIM from Three?

As for now, there’s no actual clear process about the eSIM and how people can get one. As we have said before, they are currently trying out how these will work, and it is a closed trial. Meaning people won’t be able to participate in it, making it a bit harder for those interested to get an eSIM at this moment.

Of course, the trial was only offered to people who were already Three customers. There’s no doubt people who aren’t their clients would not have been able to participate in this try-out.  Maybe, once the trial is concluded, hopefully they will launch their own eSIM product and we’ll know where to get one.

As for now, something Three mentions is they were providing eSIMs at stores, but that’s not available for now.

Three eSIM activation

Let’s discuss the activation process for customers using an eSIM. The process is pretty simple, and we can’t say it is something complicated to do thanks to the fact that customers don’t require too much time to complete the process. So, let’s talk about the activation process for both iOS and Android devices. 

Three eSIM activation on iOS devices

In this case, customers won’t need to use an eSIM app to activate the eSIM. To activate their eSIMs, travelers just need to complete the whole process manually, as it would work with other eSIMs available out there.

For now, people will need to scan the QR code they receive, and they need a prior internet connection during the process. Once the scan is completed, people will need to accept some terms and conditions that will appear on the screen to complete the process; it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to do this.

Three eSIM activation on Android and other devices

For those wondering how the activation process will be for Android devices, there’s nothing to worry about. The process to follow will be just about the same as the one we just saw for iOS devices.

The process will require a QR code that people need to scan. By scanning this, and having an internet connection, the process will be mostly the same as some options will appear on the screen, and after a few minutes, it will be done.

Three Prepaid eSIM alternatives

When it comes to alternatives to Three, we can say there are some suitable options for people to use. As for now, we can say roaming is an adequate option for those with a different cellular operator, or even pocket WiFi devices or international eSIMs. 

For us, we will focus on one of these alternatives, the international eSIM. It is by far one of the safest and better options for people to use, and there’s no doubt about this. So let’s read a bit more about what it offers and what we can expect from this product.

eSIM Online

For us, the best international eSIM, which can be bought online, is the one offered by Holafly. The Holafly eSIM is great due to everything it offers, but what enhances it, is how easily people can get one. As long as people have an internet connection, they will be able to buy one even when traveling.

The good thing about these eSIMs is that people can choose the one that will suit their needs the best. Holafly eSIMs won’t require customers to pay for a monthly subscription data plan, and there’s no limit on how many eSIMs people can buy with them!

FAQ about the Three Prepaid eSIM

Can people get Three eSIMs at this moment?

No. Three eSIMs are not available for people to use for now. They are only available for people who are making the company trial, but they will be available in the future.

Can people have more than one Three eSIM?

No. People won’t be able to use more than one Three eSIM as these are connected to one data plan.

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