Holafly VS GigSky: Which one should I pick?

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If you are traveling abroad, you are probably looking for ways to remain connected to the international internet at your destination. And, you’ll most likely find plenty of options to choose from. Here, we are going to tell you about two of them: Holafly VS GigSky. Two eSIM providers ith international reach.

Having an internet connection during your trip has become a necessity, whether it’d be for leisure or work reasons. That’s the reason why we want you to know about Holafly VS GigSKy. How they work, their coverage, prices, and data plans, advantages, and disadvantages. Keep reading if you want to learn more!

What is an eSIM card?

Before we begin, we want to tell you about the eSIM card, in case you don’t know much about it. It is a virtual SIM card that works for a specific amount of time, which includes cellular data and services to be used abroad. It means, that the eSIM card has an expiration date.

With an eSIM card, you will be able to connect to the internet during your trip, avoiding the expensive price of international roaming. You may also be able to have more than one active eSIM card on your cellphone, but you can only use one profile at a time.

How does the Holafly eSIM card work?

Let’s begin this comparison by talking about Holafly. The eSIM card from this provider is easy to use. To get one of them, you only have to enter the virtual store, pick your destination and the data plan you want, depending on the days of your stay and the amount of cellular data you need, and once you make the purchase you will receive the activation code in your email.  

You must have the QR code on the second screen or you can print it, so you can scan it with your cellphone. On the other hand, you have to be connected to the internet to complete the activation, in other words, a prior internet connection. You can do it using the WiFi network at the airport.

How is the coverage of Holafly?

The coverage of this carrier is one of the best. Holafly has many roaming contract agreements with the best local cellular operators at different destinations. The opinions and reviews about Holafly are excellent.

You will be able to have a stable and high-speed connection through 3G or 4G LTE networks. If you want to make sure how is the coverage you will get on your trip, you can read more about it in the Holafly virtual store.

Holafly eSIM card data plans and prices

  • eSIM for Europe from $19.00
  • eSIM card for Asia from $47.00
  • eSIM for North America from $54.00
  • SIM card for Latin America from $44.00
  • International SIM card for China with VPN from $19.00
  • eSIM for Turkey from $19.00

Advantages of the Holafly eSIM card

  • Easy activation.
  • Wide compatibility.
  • It is possible to share your mobile data in some destinations.
  • Unlimited data plans for many countries.
  • 24-hour customer service and support in your language.

Disadvantages of the Holafly eSIM card

  • It is not possible to make calls.
  • Data plans do not include texts.

How does the GigSky eSIM card work?

Now that you have read about the Holafly eSIM card, it is time to know about GigSky and its data plans. You have to know that this provider is not new, it is on the market since 2010, and it is aimed to provide cellular internet with international SIM cards.

This company also has an app where you can buy the data plans you want, depending on the destination you are traveling to. The app is available for both Android and iOS. Data plans go from 1 day to 1 month, and after you get the data plan you want you will be able to see the list of countries.

How is the GigSky coverage?

Let’s talk about the coverage. This provider offers its services in more than 180 countries, especially aimed at iOS. You will be able to see the strength of the available signal on the locked screen or in the settings of your cellphone.

It provides great speed and connection stability, and it works with 4G LTE networks. Which will let you connect to the internet without any problems. GigSky lets you connect in almost all of Europe, North America, and the Caribbean Isles. But, you may not have the best speed in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

GigSky eSIM card data plans and prices

  • North America from 1 GB/15 days for $11.75
  • World Plan from 5 GB/30 days for $58.78

Advantages of the GigSky eSIM card

  • Easy installation.
  • You can top it up.
  • You can add cellular data to your cellphone.
  • Global data plan available.
  • Easy purchasing process.

Disadvantages of the GigSky eSIM card

  • It is a little bit confusing to find the eSIM data plans.
  • Cellphones from China or Hong Kong are incompatible.
  • You can only use the eSIM card in Android cellphones from version 10 and onwards.

Holafly VS GigSky: comparison table

In the following comparison table, you will find more detailed information. Hopefully, it will help you make the decision that best suits your needs.

OperatorSupportCan I buy it online?AppCompatibility
HolaflyYesYesNoAll unlocked smartphones
GigSkyYesYesYesSome devices are not compatible. Available only for Android 10 or onwards.
Comparison table between Holafly and GigSky.

Holafly VS GigSky: our recommendation

Before you leave, we want to give you our recommendation to help you make the best decision. Both providers are great, but we recommend you visit the Holafly virtual store, and get either an international eSIM card or a regular SIM card.

The instructions for the installation and the customer service and support are available in your language, and you will be able to connect to the internet as if you were home, without having to pay for international roaming.

Frequent questions about Holafly VS GigSky

Do eSIM cards have an expiration date?

Yes, just like traditional SIM cards, the eSIM has an expiration date.

What if the days of usage of my data plan expire?

The eSIM card will stop working, and you will no longer have an internet connection. We recommend you consider the number of days you are going to travel. In case your eSIM card expires, you can get a new eSIM card.

Can I keep my traditional SIM card?

Yes, you will be able to use both devices, the eSIM, and the traditional SIM card. And you will have two telephone numbers, in case you want to have one for personal usage and another for business.

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