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If you are one of those travelers that want to visit every corner of the world, maybe, this destination is perfect for you. As a traveler, you probably want to share your videos and pictures with your loved ones, so you will need an International internet connection. And you can connect to the internet using the new eSIM card for Sudan.

In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about this new product, which will let you stay in touch with your loved ones and share your experiences on social media. Keep reading if you want to learn about the eSIM card for Sudan!


eSIM card for Sudan

International eSIM cards, are new and are here to stay. They are the evolution of the traditional SIM card. They are implanted in the cellphone’s hardware. The devices that include this technology are the new iPhones and many models of the most recent Android smartphones.

The eSIM cards are compatible with Samsung Galaxy, Huawey P40, Google Pixel 3 and onwards, and some Motorola Razr. Users don’t have to insert a physical SIM card anymore, thanks to the new eSIM card.

With the eSIM card, you can save time and money, and it is very comfortable for its users. Also, you don’t have to visit any physical store to buy it, and there’s no shipping or delivery involved!

International eSIM cards have many data plans, prices, and benefits available, and some of them connect to the best networks in each destination, (MTN network in this case). Also, they are a great alternative to avoid the high price of international roaming.

Make sure that your cellphone is eSIM-compatible before buying this chip

It is very important you check whether your device is eSIM compatible or not, and if it is compatible, you have to make sure that it can support the eSIM card from the provider you choose. This way you will save time and money.

You can find this information on the website of your provider. Anyway, you should know that since it is such a new device, not all smartphones are compatible with it yet.

The requirements you must meet to acquire an eSIM card are the following:

  • Having an email account to receive the QR for the eSIM activation.
  • You have to be connected to the internet to download and activate the eSIM card.
  • Make sure to activate the eSIM card when you arrive at your destination.

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eSIM card providers for Sudan

eSIM providers for Sudan, like Holafly, eSIMplus, and Redteago, offer many data plans and prices for the eSIM card for Sudan. You can read them below, and pick the one that best suits your needs.

eSIM card for Sudan: data plans and prices

Before buying an eSIM card for Sudan, you have to take a look at the data plans and prices available. Check them below:

Holafly eSIM card for Sudan: data plans and prices

  • 15 days, with 6 GB at $44

eSIMplus eSIM card for Sudan: data plans and prices

  • 3 days, at 1 GB, for $14.25
  • 5 days, at 1 GB, for $15.54
  • 5 days, at 3 GB, for $32.37
  • 7 days, at 3 GB, for $37.55
  • 14 days, at 3 GB, for $43.32
  • 30 days, at 5 GB, for $61.16

These prices are for all of Africa and 23 countries in the Middle East.

RedteaGO eSIM card for Sudan: data plans and prices

  • 30 days, 1 GB at $15.23
  • 30 days, 3 GB at $42.67

These prices are for all of Africa and 11 countries in the Middle East.

Comparison chart between the eSIM card providers for Sudan

ProviderDatosDaysPrice (USD)SupportWhere to buy it
Holafly6GB15$44Spanish, English, German and FrenchWeb
Comparison table between eSIM card providers.

Prepaid SIM cards for Sudan

The prepaid SIM cards for Sudan are also a great option to avoid international roaming. Frequent travelers have said that getting either a SIM or eSIM card for Africa is better than paying for an expensive international roaming service.

You can read below the prices of the SIM cards that the local operators offer:

  • ZainSudan is one of the biggest operators of 2G networks for populated areas and 3G in most cities. They also offer 4G/LTE in cities like Khartoum, Port Sudan, Madani, and El Obeid. You can find their SIM cards in their official physical stores for $0.013. Zain offers three types of prepaid SIM Cards, such as Zain Shabab, with daily plans from $0.23 for 25 MB, to $1.87 for 250 MB.

The Zain eeZee plan offers weekly prices that go from $0.015 for 200 MB, to $0.071 for 1 GB.

  • Sudani is the cellular brand of Sudatel, the second-largest operator in Sudan with 2G and 3G coverage similar to the ones from Zain. Their 4G/LTE networks are limited to main cities and towns. You can purchase a SIM Card from this company at authorized stores for $0.013. You can also purchase reloadable coupons at those stores and other places. Sudani has 6 Sudani Connect plans, which are data plans that use their 3G network. Also, their $0.013 plan is valid for 14 days, while the others are for 30 days. You can find them with 120 MB connections for $0.016, and up to 100 GB for $2.11.
  • MTN is the smallest operator in Sudan and its coverage is lower than the one from Zain and Sudani. However, one of their main advantages is that they offer six unlimited Internet plans, which the other operators do not offer. These plans go from one day, through 7, and 30 days up to $0.22.

Remember that you have to show your passport to get any of the previous SIM cards, and two pictures, like the one from your ID. Once you are in the operator’s store, you have to fill out a form that will let you top it up or buy a data plan.

What other alternatives offer the internet in Sudan?

There are many ways to connect to the internet at this destination. You can read them below, and compare them, to pick the one that best suits your needs and budget.

1. Pocket WiFi for Sudan

It is a frequently used alternative, but its rental price is very high. The Pocket WiFi lets you connect to many different destinations in Sudan, and it will let you avoid the expensive price of international roaming, the subscription fees and clauses.

The Pocket WiFi is a device that you can carry in your pocket and lets you connect to the internet anytime and anywhere, either in Khartoum, Port Sudan, Omdurman, Karima, Tuti Island, Afra Mall, or the Sangraneb National Park. Travel WIFI is one of the companies that offer this product, you can buy it for $159 and $189, with 3 GB, and the possibility of sharing your cellular data with 10 devices, and batteries that last from 12 to 18 hours.

If you prefer to rent the device, this brand charges you $3.89 per day, with the possibility of having flexible data, sharing your cellular data with other 5 devices, a long-lasting battery, and they deliver the product to your house. Anyway, they do not offer much information about extra charges, or other aspects such as anti-theft insurance.

2. Free WiFi networks in Sudan

In Jartum, 799 free and open networks let you connect for free and safely to the internet. You can find them in hotels, cafés, restaurants, at the airport, or in malls. Some of these places may ask for a password.

You can access apps like WiFi Map, which let you find free WiFi networks, but the possibility of using these networks is not always the best choice. It is better to use it only if you need to. You have to consider that by using these public networks, your personal information becomes vulnerable and can be easily stolen.

We recommend you use these networks only if you are going to enter a website that does not require you to enter personal information or personal passwords.

3. Activating international roaming service

International roaming in Sudan is as expensive as some tourist plans for this destination. An example of the average rates managed by global coverage operators is Movistar’s Global Internet Bonus plans. These are from 150 MB to 500 MB and 1 GB, and offer coverage for Sudan at monthly prices of $60.50 and $169.40 including VAT. Quite expensive prices compared to the eSIM card for Sudan.

You can check the chart below that shows data plans and prices of the international roaming for this country.

ServicePrice (for buying additional data or landing in Sudan)
Making calls$2.07 per minute
Receiving calls$2.07 per minute
Sending texts$0.69 per text
Sending images in a text$0.55 per text
Voice mailIf you receive or save a voicemail, they will charge you the same price per minute we previously showed you.
International roaming service for Sudan, plans and prices.

Cellular coverage of the eSIM card in Sudan

It is very important to read about the coverage because if it’s not great, your connection won’t be great either. The speed of the connection will be slow, or you will run out of internet in some zones.

Most eSIM card data plans connect to the MTN networks in Sudan, the best cellular operator in the country. Take a look at the coverage maps below, to know which operator is better for you.

MTN coverage map

MTN coverage map in Sudan.
MTN coverage map in Sudan.

Zain coverage map

Zain coverage map in Sudan.
Zain coverage map in Sudan.

Sudatel coverage map

Sudatel coverage map in Sudan.
Sudatel coverage map in Sudan.

Frequent questions about the eSIM card for Sudan

When do I have to install the eSIM card for Sudan?

Install the eSIM one hour before your trip. Set it up and activate it once you arrive at your destination. This way you will be able to connect to the internet right when you land.

When do I have to use the cellular data of my eSIM?

We recommend you do it to use the GPS, (downloading maps to use them when you are disconnected), transactions, make reservations, and WhatsApp calls.

How do I guarantee a great internet connection with the eSIM?

We recommend you pick a company that guarantees complete coverage, like the eSIM card from Holafly, which connects to the best network in Sudan (MTN), offering the best internet coverage.

What network frequencies work in Sudan?

They are the following:
Bands ChG B1 (2100), Bz (1800)
Bands ZG B1 (2100)
Bands 2G Bz (1800), B8 (900)

How do I fully enjoy my data plan?

Avoid downloading heavy files with your eSIM card, this way you will consume a lot of data and you may run out of internet connection. Try to download these types of files using public WiFi.

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