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Lately, Qatar has become one of the favorite destinations for travelers. Its beauty has captivated so many people, and probably you are one of them. So, if you are planning to visit this place, we are going to give you a recommendation about the best way to connect on your trip. You have so many options such as roaming, Pocket Wifi, or the new eSIM card for Qatar.

We will tell you everything you need to know about the eSIM card for Qatar, how it works, its advantages, where can you buy one online and more. Keep reading!


Requisites to install an eSIM card

The eSIM card is becoming very popular among travelers. But some cell phones cannot manage the eSIM technology yet, so you can read the list below to learn about the requisites for buying an eSIM card.

  • Check if your device is eSIM compatible and that your seller accepts it. Another way you won’t be able to connect. We can tell you that the iPhone XR and other versions of these models are eSIM compatible; some Androids can use this technology.
  • You must have an email to receive the QR code for the activation of your eSIM.
  • You will need to be connected to the internet to do the installation and activation process.
  • Some sellers will make you download a mobile app to install or manage the eSIM.

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Mobile providers of eSIM cards to travel to Qatar

Now that you have read about the requisites to buy an eSIM, is time you know where you can acquire this product. Some companies sell international eSIM cards for either touristic or business trips, and they are the following:

Prices and data plans of eSIM providers to travel to Qatar

In case you are interested in this product, we will show you below the different prices and data plans available. The prices may vary, depending on the coverage, the roaming accords they have with the local operators, the location, and the payment methods they offer. The choice is up to you.

Holafly plans and prices in Qatar

  • 3GB for 7 days at $34 USD
  • 6GB for 15 days at $39 USD
  • 8GB for 30 days at $47 USD

GlobaleSIM plans and prices in Qatar:

  • 4GB for 21 days at $87

Redteago plans and prices in Qatar:

  • 3GB for 30 days at $67

Comparison of eSIM providers in Qatar

CompanyDataDaysPrice (USD)SupportWhere can I buy it?
Holafly3GB – 8GB7 – 30$34 – $47Spanish, German, French, and EnglishWeb
Redteago3GB30$67EnglishPlay Store, App Store

eSIM card for Qatar: Characteristics

If this is the first time you hear about this type of device, then it is very important you know its characteristics. To help you, we have listed some of them, so you can see the advantages and the differences between an eSIM and a traditional International SIM card.

  • Most eSIM cards don’t let you make calls, they offer only data. So, if you want to communicate you will have to do it by using WhatsApp or Skype.
  • You can install your eSIM card only once. So, if you have any problem with it do not erase it, call your operators instead and ask for help.
  • Your smartphone will become a dual-SIM, so you will be able to keep your local SIM card and use the eSIM card at the same time.
  • You can add more than one data plan to your iPhone, it will depend on the space you have in your cellphone, and you can only use one data plan at a time.

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eSIM card for Qatar: coverage

One of the most important things you have to know about the eSIM card is how much coverage it has in your destination. Because if you buy a cheap eSIM that has low coverage, you will not be able to connect properly when you arrive at your destination, and you will have a bad experience.

The coverage will depend on the roaming accords your seller has with the local operators. The local operators in Qatar with the greatest coverage are Ooredoo and Vodafone. The eSIM cards that have accorded with these two operators will have good coverage, like the Holafly eSIM card.

In case you want to know more about it, we will show you the coverage map below:

3G coverage map of Ooredoo in Qatar

3G coverage map of the mobile operator Ooredoo in Qatar
3G coverage map of the mobile operator Ooredoo in Qatar

3G coverage map of Vodafone in Qatar

3G coverage map of Vodafone mobile operator in Qatar
3G coverage map of Vodafone mobile operator in Qatar

Which local operators offer the eSIM card for Qatar?

Nowadays, Qatar is one of the wealthier and more advanced countries in the world. It uses great technology. It has 5G networks and the possibility of acquiring an eSIM card from one of the main operators in this country. But the acquisition process with an operator is different from the process with a seller. So, if you are interested in this option, you should visit the physical store of this operator.

An eSIM from a local operator such as Vodafone or Ooredoo can be very similar to a traditional SIM card. you will be able to make calls, send texts and receive them too. Also, you will be able to connect to the International internet. To buy it you have to visit the store of one of these operators.

The eSIM compatibility will depend on the operator you choose. The Vodafone eSIM card for Qatar is compatible with the following smartphones: iPhone XS, XS MAX, XR, and Google Pixel 3.

Frequent questions about the eSIM card for Qatar

We hope this article has solved any questions you have about the eSIM card for Qatar. But in case you still have doubts, you can read the Q&A below or write your doubt in the comments.

Do I need a passport to buy the eSIM card for Qatar?

No, it is not necessary. Some sellers may ask for your direction, but only if you are buying an eSIM for a tourist.

Can I share mobile data or do tethering with the eSIM card for Qatar?

It will depend on the seller, some eSIM cards will let you share your mobile data, while others won’t. The Holafly eSIM card for Qatar lets you share your data with other devices.

How do I activate the eSIM card?

It will depend on your smartphone. But usually, you only have to scan the QR code you receive in your email, once you do it, you choose the eSIM as the mobile data supplier, turn on the data roaming and that’s it!

Do eSIM cards have an expiration date?

Yes, just like SIM cards, the eSIM has an expiration date.

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