eSIM O2: Everything you need to know

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During the summer of 2018, Orange explained publically that they were going to bring the eSIM technology to their users. This alerted the other companies and they decided to do the same to also give their users the best conditions possible. 

Understanding that this substitute for the physical SIM card is making its way step by step in the market, this new technology is coming to try to replace roaming. 

Those of us who have investigated a little bit, it’s certain that the future of telephone companies will go through the eSIM cards, but you might be asking yourself, what is an eSIM card? What is its price with O2? What are the benefits? For all these questions, we have answers. Continue reading below!

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What is an eSIM card?

First, let’s begin explaining what is an eSIM. The name is not “electronic SIM” as many might think, it actually means “embedded SIM”. Manufacturers figured that, because of its size, it was better to integrate it directly to the electronic devices rather than selling it separately, hence the name.

This new technology has come to revolutionize the market. Just think, up to now, most of us used to use roaming. This .is a gamechanger.

Regarding the technical part, we can explain it in two parts. First, there is the hardware, the element that comes directly integrated from the manufacturer. Then, the software can be directly downloaded as instructed by O2 to connect to their network.

Compatible devices with O2 eSIM

As of now, you may use eSIM technology on O2 with the following devices: iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS MAX, and the new iPad Pro. O2 only guarantees the correct use with these devices, but they explain that in the future the devices will broaden so you may have more choices when contracting with them.

In Roami we don’t recommend you risk it with other devices because you might need to end up asking for a new physical SIM card and this will be a hassle.

How much does a eSIM cost with O2?

It doesn’t matter if you are an O2 client or not, right now, the company offers this technology for free. The way it works is you have to request the service. This will be quite different than what we are used to, but it’s really much easier than before.

The O2 tariffs are compatibles with the new eSIM cards, so you can apply to the terms and conditions O2 offer that better suit you without additional costs.

O2 identity document

In O2, they tell us that in order to get your eSIM, they must first check your identity. How? You have to send a scanned copy of your id document to

You must send DNI/NIE/Passport pictures on both sides, or if you are a company, you have to send your CIF number and the writings that authorize your legal status. 

This document is requested for safety purposes. The eSIM card will not be sent to you until this step is done correctly.

How to activate your eSIM with O2?

At the moment that everything is active, O2 will proceed to send you a pdf document with all the required data necessary for you to get your eSIM card. In the Pdf, you will find the QR code, PIN, PUK, and ICC numbers as well.

To continue with the correct activation process of your eSIM with O2, you must have a good internet connection and your QR code as it appears in the pdf document. As a recommendation, O2 indicates you should save the email they send you with all the information as you may need it later. 

On one hand, you must have another device at hand (tablet, laptop, mobile…) where you can see the pdf document and be able to see the QR code. On the other hand, you must use your own device with the eSIM to scan the code.

Steps to activate your eSIM with O2:

  • Go to settings, mobile data, add mobile plan.
  • Add mobile data plan.
  • Scan the QR code on the pdf.
  • Restart your device so the eSIM card stars to work correctly.

O2 eSIM: frequently asked questions

  • What should I do if my device is lost or stolen? You have to act as you would with a device that has a physical SIM card, this is, calling 1551 and explain what happened. This way, they will block the line and proceed with a new eSIM card as soon as possible. 
  • If I erase the eSIM manually, can I reactivate it later? Yes, of course. Just redo the activation process steps as we explained before. 
  • Can I change the eSIM from my device? No, unfortunately your eSIM can be active only on one device at a time.
  • Why doesn’t the signal appears with the eSIM with O2? Sometimes, it happens that when activating a service, the signal will not appear immediately. Don’t worry, this is normal. Once everything is correct, the signal bars will appear normally. 

I am a O2 client and want to activate my eSIM

First of all, be sure you have a compatible device, then call 1551 and ask for your eSIM card. Once you do these steps, then you have to do the following:

  1. When changing from SIM card to eSIM card, it is possible that the line will be deactivated for a bit. This is why it is important for you to call from another phone so your conversation will not be lost.
  2. Having good internet connection is important.
  3. Use two screens so you can correctly scan the QR code. 
  4. Have on hand the device you want to activate the eSIM in and begin the activation process we have already explained before.

Alternatives to a O2 eSIM card

When traveling abroad, it’s important to keep in touch and be accessible, this is why getting a good fee with the eSIM card is in your best interest. But, what if your device doesn’t support this technology?

In Roami, we have found the best alternative for you, an alternative that will give you better conditions than roaming, which is currently more than 10€ per MB.

The most interesting we have found on the market is the Holafly SIM card. Its objective is for you to have internet abroad without hassles. Depending on the country you are traveling to, these cards have different prices and characteristics, so we have prepared a small table for you with some prices by country and time of travel so you can quickly compare.

CountryTariff 1Tariff 2Tariff 3Tariff 4Tariff 5Tariff 6Tariff 7Tariff 8
EE.UU5 days, unlimited data 29€7 days, unlimited data 34€10 days, unlimited data 39€15 days, unlimited data 49€20 days, unlimited data 59€30 days, unlimited data 87€60 days, unlimited data 169€90 days, unlimited data 239€
Thailand8 days, 3 GB 17€12 days, 4 GB 26€

Canada5 days, unlimited data 29€7 days, unlimited data 34€10 days, unlimited data 39€15days, unlimited data 49€20 days, unlimited data 59€30 days, unlimited data 87€60 days, unlimited data 169€90 days, unlimited data 239€
China7 days, 2 GB 27€15 days, 2 GB 29€30 days 3 GB 36€

Mexico5 days, unlimited data 29€7 days, unlimited data 34€10 days, unlimited data 39€15 days, unlimited data 49€20 days, unlimited data 59€30 days, unlimited data 87€60 days, unlimited data 169€90 days, unlimited data 239€

Depending on how long you plan to travel, it may be better to use a Holafly SIM card or another. Thanks to these great deals, you may save a lot of money when traveling abroad, not having to use the more expensive roaming alternative. 

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