Unlimited data eSIM for Hungary: compare, buy, and travel connected

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Your next trip is coming up, and you don’t know how to stay connected to the internet? Don’t worry; nowadays there are a lot of alternatives that will allow you to have an internet connection. However, if you are traveling to Hungary and you are worried about the high prices of Pocket WiFi and International roaming, the best option you can have is an eSIM Hungary

The eSIMs are very convenient. Since they are entirely online products, they will be very easy to purchase and activate on your cell phone. So they will make your journey even more accessible. 

We will tell you all about this virtual SIM card for Hungary through this article. From its benefits, how it works, where you can get it, and something essential, we will tell you about the local operators you can be connected to in Hungary. Read on to find out all about these eSIMs. 

What you should know about the eSIM card Hungary:

As we have already mentioned before, eSIMs are virtual cards since the device that allows the activation of this is embedded in many of the latest generation phones. That is why there are some necessary requirements that you must meet before acquiring an eSIM. Which are the following: 

  • The first and most important thing to know is that not all cell phones are compatible with eSIM. Since they work with somewhat new technology and are available mainly for the latest generation phones. So we recommend that before purchasing an eSIM, verify that your cell phone is compatible with it. 
  • On the other hand, some virtual or physical stores have a variety of compatibility that have their eSIM with cell phones. So before you purchase your eSIM from any store, we also recommend checking that their eSIM is compatible with your cell phone. 
  • If you are going to purchase an eSIM, then it is necessary that you have an email address. This is where you will receive the specifications about the eSIM you bought and how to activate it. 
  • You must have an internet connection to activate your eSIM. As you will have to download the eSIM. 
  • Most of the eSIMs are activated through QR codes. So you must verify that your cell phone has a scanner, or download one. 
  • Some online stores will ask you to download their phone app in order to go through the whole eSIM process. However, many other stores do not require this. 

Mobile eSIM card providers for traveling to Hungary 

Acquiring an eSIM for Hungary is very simple since nowadays there are a lot of international online stores that offer this kind of service to those people who will be traveling to another country. That is why we will leave you below a small list of the main companies that offer eSIM plans for Hungary:

  • Holafly
  • Flexiroam
  • Wifimap 

Later we will be talking in more detail about the prices of each of these companies that provide eSIM so that you can compare and choose the best alternative for you. 

Rates and data plans from eSIM providers for Hungary 

Below you will find a detailed description of the data plans for eSIMs that each of the companies mentioned above has available. That way, you will be able to compare the different options and choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Also, remember that the costs of the different companies’ services may vary depending on various factors. Such as the coverage to the country you are traveling to, the amount of MB and days of use, the payment methods they have, and other factors. 

Holafly plans and prices in Hungary:

  • Unlimited data for 5 days at 19 USD
  • 15 days of unlimited data at 47 USD
  • Unlimited data for 20 days at 54 USD
  • 30 days of unlimited data at 64 USD

Flexiroam plans and tariffs in Hungary:

  • 3GB for 24 days at 31USD
  • 5GB for 15 days at 42USD
  • 7GB for 24 days at 52USD

Wifimap plans and prices in Hungary:

  • 1GB for 30 days at 7.5 USD

Comparison of eSIM providers for Hungary 

SupplierDataDays Price Support LanguageSales Channel
HolaflyUnlimited data519USDSpanish, English, German, and FrenchWeb
HolaflyUnlimited data1547USDSpanish, English, German, and FrenchWeb
HolaflyUnlimited data2054USDSpanish, English, German, and FrenchWeb
HolaflyUnlimited data3064USDSpanish, English, German, and FrenchWeb
Flexiroam3GB2431USDEnglishWeb, Play store, App Store
Flexiroam5GB1542 USDEnglishWeb, Play store, App Store
Flexiroam7GB2452USDEnglishWeb, Play store, App Store
Wifimap1GB307.5USDEnglishWeb, App Store, Google Play
Table 1. Comparison of eSIM providers to connect to the Internet in Hungary.

Features of eSIM cards for traveling to Hungary 

We have already talked about what an eSIM is, as well as the requirements you need to acquire one of these, the stores where you can buy them, and even the prices. So if you have decided to buy an eSIM for your trip to Hungary, then you should also know the features of these eSIMs, which we will discuss below: 

  • You must know that eSIMs can only be installed once, so if you experience problems with your virtual card, we recommend you don’t remove it from your phone. Instead, contact your eSIM provider.
  • Most eSIMs do not offer calling services, as they are mostly for data usage. However, you will be able to make use of applications such as Skype or WhatsApp to stay connected. 
  • You can add several data plans on your iPhone. This depends on the memory you have available on your phone. However, it is only possible to use one at a time.
  • Keep in mind that some eSIMs configure the APN automatically.
  • Some eSIMs will offer unlimited data, so you don’t have to worry about running out of mobile data or doing top-ups.
  • You will be connected to the local network of the country, with which you will be able to connect to the internet. The network you will connect to will depend on your provider. For example, the Holafly store connects to the Magyar network

eSIM coverage for traveling to Hungary

Finally, something that is important to know before purchasing any eSIM for your trip is to know which local operator you will be connected with, as well as the coverage you will have in the country. 

This is because if you want to have good connectivity during your trip to Hungary, the eSIM card from the provider you’ll use must have the most roaming agreements with the leading operators such as Magyar, Vodafone, and Telenor. 

So here are some coverage maps of the above-mentioned operators that will allow you to have an idea of the connectivity you’ll get with each of them. 

Magyar 4G coverage map in Hungary 

Magyar coverage map in Hungary Source: GSMA

Vodafone 4G network coverage in Hungary  

Vodafone coverage map in Hungary Source: GSMA

Telenor 4G coverage map in Hungary  

Telenor coverage map in Hungary Source: GSMA

Local mobile operators offering eSIMs in Hungary 

If you are a resident of Hungary and wish to have an eSIM card with a data plan and minutes you can do it with some of the operators in this country. It is much more common for these eSIMs to be offered to residents. However, if you are going for a short period of time, you can check what kind of service you can purchase to have mobile data in Hungary. 

  • Telenor 
  • Vodafone
  • Telekom

Frequently asked questions about eSIM in Hungary  

We will answer the most common questions you may have before purchasing your eSIM to travel to Hungary.

When do the days of my data plan start to count down?

The moment you activate your eSIM by scanning the QR code on your phone, the days of your data plan will start counting.

How to activate eSIM for Hungary?

After installing the virtual SIM profile, you must choose it as the default cellular medium, turn on data and roaming and your virtual SIM should be working.

Can I share data with the Hungary eSIM?

Most eSIMs will allow you to share data with other devices. However, we recommend that you first check with your provider to see if their eSIM comes with this option. 

Do international prepaid eSIM cards have an expiration date?

Yes, virtual SIM cards also expire after the days of use pass.

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