Best eSIM for Denmark: Compare, buy, and travel connected

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to travel around Europe to one or several of the Nordic countries? Today we will talk about traveling to Denmark. This is one of the countries people like to visit most in Europe, and there are many reasons for that to happen, but there’s something we can’t forget, and that is to get an eSIM for Denmark to stay connected!

In case you were planning on traveling any time soon to this country, your time has come to learn everything related to how to do it with one of the most outstanding cellular services out there! So, are you ready to get to know more about eSIM Denmark?

Things you need to know about the eSIM Denmark

Starting off, we have to talk about some things people need to know about the eSIM for Denmark. Well, as a matter of fact, these are things travelers need to know regarding the overall eSIM service.

Once people know these features we will mention, they can feel free to use an eSIM whenever they want to, which is great to know. So, let’s talk a bit about these must-know features.

  • eSIMs only work in last-gen devices, such as iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei cellphones, and some smartwatches.
  • People need to have access to an internet connection to complete the activation process of the eSIM.
  • To complete the purchase process, people must provide a valid physical and email address.

Now that we have talked about these features, people can’t miss when using an eSIM; it will be easier for them to buy one from now on. So, in case you are wondering which eSIM you should have in mind when traveling, we can say the Holafly eSIM for Denmark is a great choice!

eSIM cellular operators to travel to Denmark

Now that we have talked about the main features people must get to know about the eSIMs, it’s time to get to know about the main cellular operators we can use there. As for now, there are different options for people to choose from, which is something cool to know.

We have already talked about one of them previously, but are there any other options available? The short answer is yes.

So, in case you are wondering which options we have in mind for use, here’s the list you must have on hand.

  • Holafly
  • Truphone
  • Mobilitypass

Rates and data plans offered by eSIM cellular operators for Denmark

Now that we know which options we have available for use in Denmark, it is time to talk about something important. We can’t move forward without talking about data plans and rates offered by these services, so let’s talk about that!

Holafly rates and data plans in Denmark

  • Unlimited data for 5 days for $19.
  • Unlimited data for 14 days for $47.
  • Unlimited data for 20 days for $54.
  • Unlimited data for 30 days for $64.
  • Unlimited data for 60 days for $84.

Truphone rates and data plans in Denmark

  • 3GB for 30 days for $19.
  • 5GB for 30 days for $30.

Mobilitypass rates and data plans in Denmark

  • 1GB for $10 per day used.

Cellular operators comparative in Denmark

OperatorDataDaysPriceSupportShopping channels
HolaflyUnlimited5 to 90From 19 to 99 USDSpanish, English, German FrenchWeb
Truphone5GB30From 19 to 30 USDEnglish, French, GermanWeb, Play Store, App Store
MobilitypassAs much as neededAs many as needed$10 per consumed GBEnglishWeb
Table 1. Price and mobile data comparative of mobile operators offering eSIMs in Denmark

Characteristics of eSIMs to travel to Denmark

We have discussed some of the features of the eSIMs that consumers should be aware of so far. However, we haven’t covered additional characteristics that everyone considering this service must be aware of.

The good news about eSIMs is that most of their properties hold throughout time, which makes things simpler for upcoming eSIM purchases. But what exactly are these features that we’re referring to?

  • Your phone will receive an APN when you install an eSIM for it to function properly.
  • Travelers who install an eSIM won’t receive a phone number for the country they are visiting.
  • While an eSIM is in use, people can still use a SIM card on their cellphone.

eSIM coverage to travel to Denmark

When using a service like the eSIM, one of the biggest questions that may come up: how will it acquire cellular coverage? For many individuals, it might appear to be a question, but the solution is much more straightforward than one might imagine.

People will receive coverage from the local cellular operators as long as they are using an eSIM in that country. As for Denmark, there’s no need to worry about which service people will rely on as there are three options available for use.

However, by understanding this, you can learn how an eSIM will get coverage while going abroad. Let’s look at the services that people can get in Denmark.

  • 3 Tre
  • Telia Mobile
  • Telenor Mobile

3 Tre coverage map

3 Tre coverage map in Denmark. Source: Nperf

Telia Mobile coverage map

Telia Mobile coverage map in Denmark. Source: Nperf

Telenor Mobile overage map

Telenor Mobile overage map in Denmark. Source: Nperf

Local cellular operators with eSIMs in Denmark

When visiting Denmark, some people might wonder if they can use the cellular service providers we have mentioned before while being there. Although it isn’t impossible, we can’t deny that it will be a difficult task.

Travelers will have considerably more difficulty obtaining an eSIM from these cellular providers than they will through a business like the ones we previously mentioned. eSIMs from companies like Holafly may be the best choice for tourists as they are easier to obtain.

However, people might try to see whether they can get an eSIM from these companies if they want to. But, to make things simpler in case it proves to be a more difficult operation to do, we could use the Holafly eSIM for Denmark due to how good the service is!

eSIM Denmark FAQ

Up to this point, we have talked about many different things. Therefore, it is now time to tell people about some FAQs we might have left aside that might be important to know about.

Can people use a SIM card while using an eSIM?

Yes. There’s no limitation for people to use a SIM card while using an eSIM.

Can people buy more than one eSIM?

Yes. There’s no limit on how many eSIMs people can get, which is great to know.

Which cellular devices are compatible with the eSIM in Denmark?

After reading what we have here, some people might be unsure about what devices they can use with an eSIM. It only works with most recent devices, as we previously stated. But you many wonder which one exactly are we talking about?

There are many cellphones we can mention in this list, from Samsung to Google and even Huawei devices.  Let’s look at the list of gadgets that support eSIMs:

Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+, Samsung Galaxy S20+ Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21+, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Huawei P40, Huawei P40 Pro, Google Pixel 3a, Google Pixel 3a XL, Google Pixel 4, Google Pixel 4a, and the Google Pixel 4a XL.

Do people need an internet connection to activate an eSIM?

As we said before, yes. People can’t activate an eSIM if they don’t have a prior internet connection on their cellphones.

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