Unlimited data eSIM for Dallas: Compare, buy, and travel connected

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If you go on a trip to north Texas, you will find yourself in a region with a good commercial and cultural scene. Therefore, it’s convenient to have a good internet connection in the United States. Well, with an eSIM for Dallas you will be able to check the routes and the events or must-see places during your trip.

Indeed, in this modern metropolis, you can visit the Sixth Floor Museum in Dealey Plaza if you want to take a walk through the history of John F. Kennedy and the Memory of a Nation, as well as the Dallas Museum of Art, the Arts District, and even the Crow Collection of Asian Art. So, a travel SIM will be useful.

For this reason, we have created this post for you. Certainly, in this post you can see everything about the eSIM for Dallas: international providers, rates and plans, local coverage, cellular operators, and more. So, below you’ll find all the details of this data card for your trip.

eSIM card for Dallas: What is it and how does it work?

In the first place, let’s define what an eSIM card is. It’s a chip that is loaded with data and is installed virtually in the cell phone. You can use it exclusively for your trip since at the time of purchase, you can choose the destination where you are going to use it. Check the following aspects, and you’ll see how easily it works:

  • As a matter of fact, it’s the best option if you want to forget about paying for roaming in the United States with your local operator.
  • Also, you can use this virtual data chip for travelers on your cell phone wherever you go.  So, you don’t have to carry a portable WiFi for the United States with you.
  • You have to check which cellphones are compatible with eSIM cards because this is a “new” technology, and not all devices support it.
  • Additionally, the data plan is activated through a QR code that you get by email. It’s important to note that some providers add it to the user profile that you must create on their website or cellular app.
  • It’s necessary to have a double screen or print the eSIM activation code since you must scan it with the cellphone where you are going to install the eSIM.

Cellular providers of eSIM cards to travel to Dallas

Now that you know what this virtual chip is about, and after you’ve verified that your cellphone is compatible, we’re going to find out which cellular providers of eSIM cards to travel to Dallas. Here we will mention the most important in the United States:

  • Holafly
  • yeSIM
  • Truphone

Prices and data plans of eSIM providers to travel to Dallas

Surely, this information would not be complete for you if we didn’t tell you about the rates and plans of eSIM providers for Dallas. With the data that you’ll see below, you’ll be able to know which option is best for you, depending on the time of use and the amount of data that you need during your stay in Dallas.

Holafly plans and rates for Dallas (unlimited data)

  • 5 days for $19.30 USD
  • 15 days for $47.74
  • 20 days for $57.90
  • 30 days for $70.09
  • 60 days for $88.38

Prices and data plans of yeSIM for Dallas

  • 500 MB / 7 days for $3.05
  • 1 GB / 14 days for $4.57
  • 3 GB / 14 days for $14.22
  • 5 GB / 28 days for $19.30

Truphone plans and rates for Dallas

  • 1 GB / 1 day for $4.06
  • 2 GB / 30 days for $8.13
  • 3 GB / 30 days for $18.28
  • 5 GB / 30 days for $14.22
  • 10 GB / 30 days for $21.33
  • 20 GB / 30 days for $36.57

Comparison of eSIM providers for Dallas

ProviderDataDaysPrice (USD)Sales channels
HolaflyUnlimited data30 days$65.01Web
yeSIM5 GB28 days$19.30Web
Truphone2 GB30 days$8.13Web, Play Store, App Store
Truphone3 GB30 days$18.28Web, Play Store, App Store
Truphone5 GB30 days$14.22Web, Play Store, App Store
Truphone10 GB30 days$21.33Web, Play Store, App Store
Truphone20 GB30 days$36.57Web, Play Store, App Store
Comparison table of eSIM providers for Dallas

Features of eSIMs for Dallas

Another key point is that you know some features of the eSIM for Dallas. Keep in mind the aspects that we’re going to indicate below, this way you can get the most out of your data eSIM for travel!

  • The eSIM, includes instructions for its correct activation, in case you have doubts about how to do this step.
  • The data plan period starts from the moment you activate the eSIM.
  • It allows you to keep your SIM line, so you won’t lose your old number.
  • Although in most cases, you won’t have the call and text messaging services included, you can use apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram with the cellular data of the eSIM.

Coverage of eSIMs for Dallas

Another interesting and important fact for you is the eSIM coverage for Dallas. So, we recommend that you consider those providers that have a commercial agreement with the best operators in the United States. Here you can see the coverage maps of the most important cellular operators in Dallas.

AT&T’s coverage map in Dallas

AT&T’s coverage map in Dallas. Source: AT&T

T-Mobile’s coverage map in Dallas

T-Mobile’s coverage map in Dallas. Source: T-Mobile

Verizon’s coverage map in Dallas

Verizon’s coverage map in Dallas. Source: Verizon

Local cellular operators offering eSIM in Dallas

To wrap it up, we’re going to mention the local cellular operators that offer eSIM for Dallas. These are the most important operators in the country and, in general, they offer a 5G connection and the possibility of using an eSIM. However, keep in mind that your local plans are aimed at residents and not tourists.

  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon

FAQ about eSIM in Dallas

What is the network that the eSIM connects to in Dallas?

Holafly’s eSIM card connects to the AT&T network in Dallas and the rest of the country. Therefore, you will have the best coverage throughout your trip.

Can I share plan data with the Holafly eSIM?

Consider that you’ll have an unlimited data plan, but you’ll only be able to use it on the cellphone where you activate the eSIM. So, it’s not possible to connect to other devices.

What is the difference between an eSIM and a SIM card?

Although they work similarly when it comes to cell phones, you should know that the eSIM is virtual, so you don’t have to insert it into the cell phone, as it happens with the SIM card. In addition, with the SIM card, you have to cover the cost of roaming if you leave the country, which doesn’t happen with the eSIM.

What are the cell phones compatible with the eSIM in Dallas?

iPhone XS, XR onwards, iPhone SE 2 (2020)
Samsung Galaxy S20 onwards, Galaxy Fold onwards, Galaxy Note 20 onwards, and Galaxy Z Flip onwards
Huawei P40, P40 Pro, Mate 40 Pro, and newer models
Google Pixel 3, 3rd, Pixel 4, 4 XL, 4a, 5, and newer models
Oppo Find X3 Pro and Oppo Reno 5A
Motorola Razr (2019) and Razr 5G (dual SIM)

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