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The capital city of Egypt is so big that having an eSIM card for Cairo is something that you need if you want to be connected all the time during your trip. If you are traveling to this destination, you cannot miss Tahrir park, or the Egyptian Museum, where you can find antiques such as artifacts covered in real gold that belonged to Tutankhamun and ancient mummies.

You will also be able to see Giza and its famous pyramids. If you want to see a panoramic view of the city, you can visit the Cairo tower. If you have an International eSIM card with cellular data, you will be able to share your experience with your loved ones. Also, with this eSIM card, you can avoid the expensive prices of international roaming services.

To help you find all the information you need, we have created this article. Here you will read about the eSIM card for Cairo: providers, prices and data plans, coverage, cellular carriers, and so much more. Keep reading!

What is an eSIM card and how does it work?

Before we begin, you have to know what is an eSIM card and how it works. Since it is such a new technology, not all travelers know much about it, and maybe that’s the reason why they still use traditional and expensive services like international roaming.

The eSIM card is a virtual version of the traditional SIM card. It is the evolution of the SIM card, it is digitally installed in your cellphone, converting your phone into a dual-SIM device, without having to change your domestic or current SIM card.

  • It is virtually installed on your cellphone. So, it is not necessary to remove your physical chip.
  • You don’t have to wait for a physical card to arrive at your house. You will receive it immediately on your email after completing the purchase online.
  • Furthermore, you can pick the data plan you want; with the amount of cellular data and the number of days you need for.
  • To use this card, you have to make sure that your device is eSIM compatible, since not all cellphones can support this technology yet.

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Providers of eSIM cards for Cairo

One of the best ways to enjoy your trip is to get an eSIM card before traveling. This way, you won’t have to worry about finding a connection when you arrive at your destination.

There are many companies in the market, but here we are going to tell you about the best ones:  Holafly, Flexiroam, and GigSky.

esim egypt holafly
Holafly eSIM card for Cairo

eSIM for Cairo: data plans and prices

Now that you know what cellular operators offer this eSIM card, we are going to tell you about the data plans and prices. You can read about it below:

Holafly eSIM card for Cairo: data plans and prices

  • 6 GB during 15 days at $54 USD

Flexiroam eSIM card for Cairo: data plans and prices

  • 500 MB / 3 days for $4.90
  • 1 GB / 8 days for $8.33
  • 3 GB / 15 days for $15.18
  • 5 GB / 21 days for $21.06
  • 10 GB / 24 days for $38.69

GigSky eSIM card for Cairo: data plans and prices

  • 200 MB / 1 day for $5.87
  • 500 MB / 15 days for $13.70
  • 1 GB / 30 days for $27.41

eSIM card for Cairo: a comparison

ProviderDataDaysPrice (USD)Where to buy it?
Holafly6 GB15$54Web
Flexiroam3 GB15$15.18Web, Play Store, App Store
Flexiroam5 GB21$21.06Web, Play Store, App Store
GigSky500 MB15$13.70Web, Play Store, App Store

Characteristics of the eSIM card for Cairo

On the other hand, some characteristics are worth keeping in mind. Especially because these characteristics are important aspects, that will let you enjoy your eSIM card to the top.

  • The eSIM card is perfect for those who want to have a personal number and a business number.
  • You can keep your WhatsApp number, and stay in touch with your loved ones.
  • Switch from one SIM to another quickly, without having to remove your physical card.
  • You are going to need a second screen, or to print the QR code, to scan it with your cellphone.
  • The eSIM card is also an ecological product because since it is a virtual SIM card it does not pollute.

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eSIM for Cairo coverage

It is also important to know about the eSIM coverage because if the coverage is not stable and reliable, your connection won’t be good either. You have to know with which cellular operators your provider has contract agreements with abroad.

Etisalat Mobile coverage

Etisalat Mobile coverage map

Orange Mobile coverage

Orange Mobile coverage map

Vodafone Mobile coverage

Vodafone Mobile coverage map

WE coverage

WE coverage map

Can I get my eSIM card from local mobile operators?

Before you leave, we are going to tell you about local cellular operators that offer eSIM cards. We will mention the best ones, for you to consider:

  • Etisalat Mobile
  • Orange Mobile
  • Vodafone Mobile

Frequent questions about the eSIM card for Cairo

What are the network frequencies available in Cairo?

There are three frequency bands in all of Egypt, and they are the following:
900MHz, 1800MHz for 2G
2100MHz for 3G
1800MHz for 4G

Which network does the Holafly eSIM card connect to?

If you buy the Holafly eSIM card for Cairo, you are going to connect to one of the best local operators, and it is Etisalat Mobile.

How many eSIM cards can I have installed on my cellphone?

You can have more than one eSIM card, but you can only use one at a time.

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