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If you are planning your next visit to Bali, you are definitely a person passionate about adventure and culture. This island is known for its beautiful beaches, its temples, and religious culture, besides being a relaxing paradise for anyone. In this sense, in a region with an ancestral history, you can imagine that keeping an internet connection can go a long way. For this, we present the best eSIM for Bali with all the information you need to use and buy one.

If you haven’t come to them yet, the eSIM or virtual SIM card is the digital replacement of the physical SIM card that we already know. This new technology brings with it savings among their prices and rates and the possibility of immediate delivery if you wish. It has come to be a more flexible and economical alternative to international roaming services or the old-fashioned pocket WiFi. 

For these reasons and some others that we will give you throughout this article, our recommendation is to buy an eSIM for Bali to keep you connected. However, before going for one of these, we invite you to read the compatibility information that the technology needs.


eSIM Bali card need-to-know information:

The first step we must take is to confirm that we have the use of an eSIM within our reach. As any new technology goes through a transition process, and not all cellular devices are compatible with these. For this reason, we invite you to verify these aspects before buying them:

  • Your cellular device must be compatible with an eSIM card. If you want to confirm your model, you can check this list with compatible phones.
  • The eSIM will be sent to your email address after you purchase it, so remember to provide an active email address that you can log into.
  • Both to receive the eSIM email and to activate it via QR; you will need a prior internet connection. We recommend you buy them before your trip starts for convenience.
  • In some cases, you will need an app on your phone to manage your eSIM. This will depend on the provider you select.

If you can’t buy an eSIM, you can purchase a physical SIM card for travelers instead.

Mobile eSIM card providers for travel in Bali

Despite this technology being really recent, little by little, the virtual stores that offered physical SIM cards have migrated their services to eSIM cards. For your decision to buy a virtual Bali SIM card, we will provide you with information about the most popular online stores for travelers from all over the world:

Rates and data plans from eSIM providers for travel to Bali

We have mentioned three stores that offer eSIM for Bali, each with unique plans, costs, advantages, and disadvantages. The answer to which is the best eSIM for the island will be related to the coverage areas, connection speed, and competition that each of the options offers. Now that you know what features to consider, we will take a look at each of the available providers.


This company is one of the best bets for most travelers looking for an eSIM for Bali or any other destination. Holafly, in its online store, offers virtual SIM card services for more than 160 countries, including Indonesia. The plans for Bali include unlimited data, and there are packages available from 5 to 90 days of use. From $20 to $90 each one, ideal for any type of stay.

The process of purchase is very fast thanks to the optimization of their web page, which also they have means of payment methods like Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and credit or debit cards. To choose an eSIM for Bali, you only have to select Indonesia as a destination and choose one of the available packages. After proceeding with the payment, you will receive your activation QR instantly. Among the advantages and disadvantages of Holafly are:

Pros Holafly eSIM

  • eSIM cards for Bali include unlimited data.
  • Activation is very fast. After receiving the QR on your email, you scan it, and it will be ready to use.
  • This service allows you to keep your original WhatsApp number.
  • You can count on 24/7 customer service for any unforeseen even or request.

Cons Holafly eSIM

  • Does not include the local Indonesian number.
  • You will not be able to make analog calls.
  • Data is unlimited, but data sharing is not allowed.


You may be familiar with this site as it is popular among travelers to find public WiFi connections in different destinations around the world. WifiMap has entered the eSIM market, and they offer some plans for you to consider. Speaking of Bali as a destination, you have two options with coverage in the region called Asia 1 GB and World 1 GB. As you can tell by the names, they are plans with that amount of data to navigate and with a period of 30 days of use.

The Asia 1 GB plan costs approximately $25 and offers coverage in 12 countries of the continent, including Indonesia. On the other hand, the World 1 GB plan has coverage in 115 countries for a cost of $99, also with coverage in Indonesia. Neither of the two options includes a local number, so you will not be able to make any voice calls or send SMS.

Pros WifiMap eSIM

  • Multi-country coverage.
  • Immediate delivery and installation instructions are provided.
  • The eSIM will connect to a major local cellular network upon arriving at your destination.

Cons WifiMap eSIM

  • High cost for only 1 GB of use.
  • Does not allow automatic plan renewal.
  • eSIM is data only and doesn’t come with a phone number.
  • Unlimited data plans are not available.


This carrier of European origin is known for offering its physical SIM cards for many destinations. Today they have also entered the eSIM market and offer two packages that include coverage in Indonesia and Bali. These two plans are Asia eSIM and World eSIM, the first with plans from 1 GB to 5 GB to be used in 30 days. The second is with packages from 500 MB to 5 GB, also to be used in 30 days.

TravelSIM offers a price range from $23 to $70 for the Asia option and from $20 to $93 for the World option. In both packages, you can add credit to make calls or send SMS with costs from $10 to $100 extra. Finally, you can choose to have a USA, UK, or Estonia number only for the World plan. The company will ask you to register on their website to activate the eSIM. Here are the pros and cons to making your own evaluation:

Pros TravelSIM eSIM

  • You can customize your plan and add calls or SMS.
  • You can add your own number under the World option.
  • You can set up a wide variety of plans.

 Cons TravelSIM eSIM

  • The plans are expensive as there is no Indonesia-only option.
  • Internet connectivity may be reduced in certain locations.
  • There is no unlimited data option.
  • They do not offer Google Pay or Apple Pay as payment methods.

Comparison of eSIM providers for Bali

ProviderDataDaysPrice (USD)Sales channels
HolaflyUnlimited data10 days $34Web
HolaflyUnlimited data30 days $64Web
WifiMap1GB30 days $25App
TravelSIM3GB30 days$41Web
TravelSIM5GB30 days$63Web
Table 1. Comparison of eSIM providers for connecting to the Internet in Bali. 

Features of eSIMs for travel to Bali

We can list plenty of advantages that eSIM for Bali offers. They are a great evolution regarding the physical SIM card. For you to clearly understand the eSIM features, you can review them below.

  • As you can notice, it is not common for eSIM to include a local number, so you will have to make your calls through Skype or WhatsApp, or any other.
  • Within the indications, it is common to find that the QR code can only be scanned once, so if you have problems, contact your supplier.
  • Some eSIMs set up automatic APNs.
  • They are more flexible as you can add several plans to your phone, using only one at a time.
  • You will have Unlimited data.
  • You can keep your domestic SIM when you travel to Indonesia.

Mobile Internet coverage map for travel to Bali

Next we will speak to you about the coverage that the local operators offer in Bali. This information is of relevance because, despite you buying your eSIM for Bali through an online store, this will always be supported by a local operator of the region. For this reason, you must be attentive and to consult the local network, you will be connected with your international eSIM. For Bali, three operators offer coverage in their zone. These are Telkomsel, IM3 Ooredoo, and Smartfren.

Telkomsel 3G and LTE coverage map in Bali

telkomsel coverage bali
Coverage map with Telkomsel in Bali Source: GSMA

IM3 Ooredoo LTE network coverage in Bali

IM3 Ooredoo coverage bali
Coverage map with IM3 Ooredoo in Bali Source: GSMA

Smartfren 3G and LTE coverage map in Bali

smartfren coverage bali
Coverage map with Smartfren in Bali. Source: GSMA

Local phone carriers offering eSIM in Bali

Many travelers tend to think that since they will always be connected to a local network, it is a better solution than a subscription eSIM contract with an operator at their destination. This is not always true because the local operators focus their products on locals and not on tourists. This phenomenon occurs in Bali, the local options that offer eSIM have only incorporated them in 2023, and the market is not yet open to tourists. However, if your stay takes more time, you can opt to go through the purchase process and have your eSIM with one of them. So far, the operators offering the service are

  • IM3 Ooredoo
  • Smartfren 

eSIM IM3 Ooredoo Bali

One of the first options you can consider is IM3 Ooredoo, with products available in prepaid and postpaid versions. However, the only way to buy one is in person through physical stores, and not all of them are available, so you must visit their website and confirm. If you subscribe to any of their available plans, you must provide your personal information to the Indonesian registration system. Finally, we inform you that by law, you can only have a maximum of three eSIMs per ID card.

Benefits of the IM3 Ooredoo eSIM in Bali

As an active customer, you have the possibility to change your SIM card for an eSIM. As a new customer, you have access to all the plans in the catalog, and at the time of the request, you can ask for activation through an eSIM. The company also offers installation guides for different phone models on its website. You can expect to have the following benefits when signing up for their services:

  • Enjoying the new communication technology
  • Easy access installation process
  • Available and able to subscribe to packages in your catalog

How to Activate an IM3 Ooredoo eSIM for Bali

As in many other cases, the installation process starts with the purchase, so you will need to confirm which a physical location that has eSIMs available. After that, complete the purchase, verify your personal data and the phone’s IMEI, and finally, scan the QR and activate. We recommend, firstly, checking if your phone is compatible with the list of models supported by the carrier, and if you can’t find a store, use the location map on their website. Finally, please keep in mind that during the whole process, you will need an internet connection, so if possible, do so near an available WiFi zone.

eSIM Smartfren Bali

The carrier that has been the fastest in the eSIM integration process for Bali is Smartfren; they also offer prepaid and postpaid packages. Among the most popular plans is called Unlimited Nonstop. These have a 30-day usage period and capacities of 12 GB, 30 GB, and 45 GB to choose from. They also allow you to add extra services, such as monthly subscriptions to local streaming channels. You can pre-order through their website, but you will have to go to a physical store to set it up.

Benefits of the Smartfren eSIM in Bali

This provider has taken the lead in the distribution of eSIMs throughout the country and the city. It also allows its old and new customers to customize their plans with additional services that can be added to their service. In the postpaid plans, there are versions with unlimited data, but to which consumption policies can be applied. Other benefits you get are

  • The eSIM activation QR code can be scanned a maximum of ten times.
  • As it includes a local number, you can make analog calls and send SMS
  • As it does not take up space, you can use eSIM and SIM cards at the same time.

How to Activate a Smartfren eSIM for Bali

You have two options to purchase them; one is to pre-order it and the other is to go directly to a physical location with eSIM available. After that, you will obtain the eSIM QR code through Smartfren’s gallery and certain cooperating retail outlets. Again, we recommend you be near a WiFi zone when scanning the QR code because you will need an internet connection during the process. After scanning, Smartfren eSIM will be automatically installed on your device.

Frequently asked questions about eSIM in Bali

We answer your most common questions before purchasing your eSIM to travel to Bali.

What is an eSIM?

The eSIM is a virtual SIM card integrated into the latest generation of cellphones, which needs a QR code to be activated.

Do I need a passport to buy the Bali eSIM card?

If you make your purchase virtually, the most probable is that you do not need it. They will only ask you for your email and, in some cases, your residence address. On the other hand, if you buy in Bali, you will very probably need to show your passport.

How do I get the internet while traveling in Bali?

As we have already recommended throughout this article, the eSIM card or physical SIM card is the best option to have internet during your trip. However, there are other ways, such as international roaming from your operator or renting pocket WiFi, but these are usually very expensive. Also, you will be able to look for points of free WiFi in the city, but consider that these can be unstable and insecure.

How fast is the internet in Bali?

Most areas in Bali are covered by a good 4G internet connectivity. However, in many remote places, the internet speed can slow down considerably.

Do international prepaid eSIM cards expire?

Yes, just like any other prepaid card, eSIMs also expire. So, you should be very aware of the number of days you will travel to choose a suitable plan.

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