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eSIMs have become one of the favorite alternatives for travelers to stay remain to the internet during their adventures. This is because eSIMs are very similar to common SIM cards. However, eSIMs are digital, which makes them effortless to acquire through global eSIM providers. 

In addition, eSIMs have several advantages that make them highly required by users. In general, an International eSIM will allow you to have mostly cellular data while you are in another country. Likewise, they are straightforward to activate since, usually, after you complete your purchase, you will only have to scan a QR code on it, and that’s it. 

On the other hand, eSIMs, being a relatively new service, are still incompatible with many cellphone models, so before purchasing one, it is necessary to verify that our cellphone is compatible with them. 

That is why through this article, we will be talking about the best eSIM providers that specialize in selling this type of service. We will tell you everything you need to know about each one and their particular advantages and disadvantages. Read on to find out more!


As a first option, we will discuss Holafly, an online store from Spain that offers virtual SIM cards to travelers for more than 130 destinations worldwide. They work through their online platform, so shopping with this company is quite easy. You just have to enter their website, choose your travel destination, the eSIM plan that best suits your needs, and that’s it! It’s a no-brainer! 

As we already mentioned, Holafly offers eSIMs for many destinations, and you can buy your eSIM plan depending on the number of days that best suits your trip. In addition, many of Holafly’s eSIMs offer unlimited data, so you won’t have to worry about running out of data. This means you won’t be able to share cellular data. 

However, those eSIM plans that do not offer unlimited data will still allow you to share data with other devices. These and many more features of Holafly’s services, which we will discuss below, make them one of the favorite eSIM providers among travelers. 

Finally, when talking about prices, Holafly stands out for having prices in line with the quality they offer. Obviously, prices will vary depending on your destination, the days you choose, and the amount of data. However, they can range from $19 for short trips to around $99 for a 90-day plan. 

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Holafly eSIM advantages

With Holafly’s eSIM, you can enjoy the following advantages: 

  • Unlimited data plans for many destinations, such as eSIMs for European countries.
  • The installation process is easy and fast; you can do it in minutes. 
  • With an established plan, it is possible to share data.
  • You will connect to the best networks in each destination.
  • Accessible price and great products.
  • You will be able to keep your Whatsapp number, so you will not have to worry about losing your contacts or your old messages.

Disadvantages of Holafly’s eSIM

On the other hand, Holafly’s eSIM also has some disadvantages, which we mention below: 

  • Holafly’s eSIM only offers data plans, so you can’t make calls or send text messages
  • If you buy an eSIM with unlimited data, you won’t be able to share data with other devices. 
  • If you need more cellular data, you will have to buy a new eSIM.


Now it is the Truphones turn. Another of the famous eSIM providers that specializes in selling cellular communication products. This company’s objective is to change how the world communicates, creating a new window of opportunities.

The most important thing to highlight about this company is that, unlike others, they work through My Truphone App. Through this app, people can purchase, manage and activate the prepaid eSIM they purchase with Truphone. However, many people find it tedious to download an application to perform the process. 

On the other hand, it is known that Truphone offers eSIM plans with 3G and 4G connectivity in more than 100 countries. Likewise, this company offers different types of eISM, either for travelers or companies. 

As for the prices of its eSIM plans, they vary depending on the type of plan. Truphone only offers two types of plans, global and local. Each with a different number of days and amount of included cellualr data. Prices range from $6 to over $45.

Truphone eSIM advantages

Coming up we share some advantages and perks that come along with the Truphone eSIM: 

  • They have extensive coverage in more than 100 countries.
  • You can use multiple devices in a single plan and different carrier profiles.
  • Truphone offers you access to 100 MB free for 1 day.
  • Stable 3G and 4G connection.

Truphone eSIM negative aspects

On the other hand, and as we know, so things are too good to be true. Truphone also has some negative aspects which are as follows: 

  • The My Truphone app is not available in every country.
  • There is not much information available about their plans on their website. So, you will have to download the app to look for information. 
  • Not many devices are compatible with Truphone eSIM.


Flexiroam is the third eSIM carrier on this list. This is an online store with the aim of expanding the horizons of global communication. They offer different types of services, but this time we will talk about their eSIM. 

Firstly, Flexiroam also works through an app, where you can acquire and refresh your data plan through the app, available for iOS and Android. However, compared to the previous company, Flexiroam does allow users to make purchases through its website. 

On the other hand, this company has coverage in more than 130 countries, as they have achieved more than 500 contracts with different operators worldwide. So with the Flexiroam eSIM, you can enjoy good phone coverage, among other benefits that we will discuss later. 

As for prices, these also vary depending on the plan you choose. Whether it is a global, regional, or a specific local place, plans can cost between $8 to $90 and usually offer between 500 MB to 7 GB of cellular data. 

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Positive aspects of the Flexiroam eSIM

Below we will discuss the different positive aspects of Flexiroam’s eSIM: 

  • You’ll be able to buy the eSIM through the official app or their website.
  • You can choose eSIMs available with local, regional, and global plans.
  • This eSIM will allow you to share your cellular data with other devices.
  • They have customer service and technical support through the official app and website.

Flexiroam eSIM disadvantages

Likewise, this company’s eSIM also has certain disadvantages that need to be discussed, which are as follows: 

  • You must sign up on their platform to look for the information and make purchases. 
  • All the general information on the official page is only in English. 
  • You must install the app to activate the eSIM or buy top-ups.


Finally, we will elaborate on OneSIMCard, a company that, like the previous ones, is dedicated to offering telephone services for both frequent travelers and business travelers. One of the great aspects of this company, which differentiates it from the others, is that they offer eSIM plans with cellular data, voice calls and SMS services. 

Depending on your preference, you can purchase this company’s services through its website or app. Additionally, you can choose between a plan for a specific location during your trip, just for you. Or on the other hand, create a corporate account; with it, you can create 5 eSIM profiles.

Another feature to highlight is that they offer 5G connection in around 50 countries so that you can enjoy an excellent internet connection. And with coverage in about 200 countries. 

Finally, when talking about prices, they can range from $10 to around $50, depending on the features you want for your International eSIM plan. 

OneSIMCard eSIM advantages 

As for the advantages of the eSIM of this company, we can highlight the following: 

  • You can enjoy coverage in numerous countries.
  • The customer service is in English and Spanish so that you can choose the language of your preference. 
  • You can buy the eSIM card on the website or through their application.

OneSIMCard eSIM disadvantages 

On the other hand, it is also essential to comment on the advantages of the OneSIMCard eSIM: 

  • It is not refundable, so once you complete your purchase, you will not be able to ask for a refund. 
  • You can enjoy 4G and 5G connections only with some cellular operators.

Best eSIM service

We have reached the end of this article, and you have learned about many global eSIM providers. We have discussed the features of the eSIMs they offer, as well as their price ranges, advantages, and of course, their disadvantages. 

So if you would like to know our opinion, we could say that each of the eSIM providers has its positive point. Even so, Holafly is a company that offers plenty of benefits, especially considering that you can enjoy unlimited data in many of your destinations. As well as 24-hour customer service in different languages and excellent coverage. 

However, companies like OneSIMCard also offer calling and text messaging services, making them a competitive option. Even so, nowadays, we can communicate easily through apps such as WhatsApp or Skype, so having unlimited data is a great advantage that Holafly eSIMs have.

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