Alternatives to Glocalme: options to consider

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If you are about to buy the eSIM of Glocalme and you want to read a review beforehand, you are in the right place. Here you will read the advantages of the eSIM card of this company, and also, we will show you other alternatives for you to consider.

First of all, we are going to tell you about the Glocalme eSIM card, what is it, how it works, and its benefits. But, after that, we will show you the other options available, with similar characteristics but with other benefits. The companies we will talk about are Holafly, Keepgo, Nomad, Sapphire, Dent, and Truphone. You will also find a comparison chart and our recommendation. Let’s begin!

Glocalme eSIM card: what is it?

As we told you before, we are going to tell you about the company and its eSIM. Glocalme is a company that offers many solutions for travelers, thanks to the eSIM technology.

What does it mean? It means that you will not have to buy a SIM card when you arrive at your destination, you will have it before you travel with the data plan you need. Also, you will avoid paying the high price of international roaming.

This eSIM card lets you share cellular data with 10 users, you can set up access by following a couple of simple steps, and you can manage the eSIM card through the cellular app, which you have to download.

Glocalme: other alternatives

Even though it can be a great option, some users prefer another eSIM card. That’s why we will show you other alternatives for you to consider.

Holafly eSIM: such a great alternative

The first option we will show you is the Holafly eSIM card. In the virtual store of this company, you will find a cellular data eSIM for you to be connected all the time and almost anywhere since it has coverage in many countries around the world.

You can get it on the website. You only have to follow some steps, and you will receive the QR code for the activation on your email, almost immediately after you make the purchase.

Some of its advantages are the possibility of using both the eSIM and your SIM card at the same time, sharing cellular data with your loved ones, connecting to 3G and 4G networks, and keeping your WhatsApp number.

Keepgo eSIM card: another option

Keepgo is another suitable alternative for you to have in mind. This company offers eSIM cards with data plans for more than 60 destinations.

The Keepgo eSIM card is toppable, and it does not have an expiration date, such a good advantage since not all companies have this feature available. Also, you can download this eSIM card from the company’s official website.

Nomad virtual SIM card

This company has a cellular app with an online store incorporated for you to buy a SIM card with coverage in more than 100 destinations!

The eSIM card of Nomad works similar to the Holafly eSIM card, with a QR code that you receive on your email after you buy it. This eSIM card can be for a country, a region, or also global.

Sapphire: an option similar to Glocalme

The fourth option you will read about is Sapphire. This is a cellular app/virtual store that sells virtual SIM cards for international travelers. The prices depend on the MB you choose, and they have coverage of more than 130 countries.

The Sapphire cellular app lets you buy and manage the eSIM, control the data plan, and see how much data you have through it. This cellular app is available for Android and iOS.

Dent eSIM card

The eSIM card from this company will last a whole year, from the moment you start using it. It connects to the 4G LTE network, and its data plans go from 1 GB to 10 GB.

This cellular WiFi can be used without having to take out the SIM card. Also, it has wide coverage, especially if you are in Europe.

Just like some other alternatives, Dent has a cellular app that lets you manage the eSIM as you wish and offers other services related to bitcoin and cellphone exchange.

Truphone: the last alternative

And finally, we are going to talk about Truphone. The eSIM card of this company lets you connect more than one device to it, without reducing the data connectivity speed.

Anyway, this option is mostly aimed at business trips because its data plans are designed to be used by workgroups.

That’s the reason why it is such a great alternative to be connected during your trip, no matter where you are, because by the time you download the cellular app ‘My Truphone’ you improve the coverage.

Glocalme eSIM alternatives: a comparison

Now that you know a little bit about each company, you can read the comparison table below, where you can find the information we just gave you summarized.

CompanyAccountMobile AppSharing dataKeep your SIM card

Our recommendation

Now you know about the Glocalme eSIM card and all the alternatives you have, in case you are not convinced by the first one.

Anyway, if we have to pick, we will choose the Holafly eSIM. Why? Because it has many advantages, you don’t have to download any cellular app, and you can pick the data plan you want depending on the destination you visit. Believe us, you won’t regret it!

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