How to get and activate an AIS prepaid eSIM?

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Whenever it comes to using an eSIM, there are different things for people to keep in mind, especially those who are new to the service. Such is the case for those who want to use the AIS eSIM. Based in Thailand, this cellular carrier has been growing pretty fast, and there are many details that may catch people’s attention.

The most important thing about getting to know about a new service or product is specifications and the fine print that may not be easy to understand. There are plenty of things for us to clear up, so if you are keen to know more about the AIS eSIM and what it offers, you are in the right place. So, don’t miss anything we have here for you!

How does AIS eSIM work?

When it comes to discussing how eSIM works, things aren’t so complicated. There are many things that are mostly the same for all eSIMs. But still, we need to mention them to those who aren’t aware of what AIS delivers to its users.

Overall, when it comes to how the eSIM works, there’s nothing different from what some people might already know. The eSIM will work as a substitute for the traditional SIM card, and after that, there’s nothing else to worry about. The eSIM will work with the same data plan people had, and that’s great. It gives its users peace of mind.

Also, there are other things the eSIM does, like allowing people to receive phone calls and text messages. It is something very beneficial, and it makes for a great communication tool!

Does AIS eSIM work internationally?

One of the things people want to know is if the service they are using works worldwide. When it comes to using a SIM card, this is something common to see with other cellular providers. But what about the AIS eSIM, and how does it work?

As the AIS eSIM will take the place of the traditional SIM card, it will take all the benefits provided to users. Therefore, it is no surprise to mention that it will work internationally, and that’s something great to keep in mind.

Of course, in this case, it is important to mention the fact that roaming rates are charged for these services. Therefore, consumers must take a look at this pricing before using the eSIM abroad!

Details of AIS Prepaid eSIM

As we keep moving forward on discussing everything related to this eSIM, it’s now time to give customers all the information related to the AIS service. All eSIMs are different one from the other, and that’s something to keep in mind when using a new service.

As said before, this eSIM will take everything from the SIM card and work the same way, except digitally. That means users won’t have to worry about how to receive phone calls or text messages, much less will have to worry about cellular data. The AIS digital SIM card will provide all of this to its users and a lot more!

One thing we haven’t mentioned, and that we will give more details about later on, is the activation process. This is pretty simple to complete, and people will see why we say this!

It is important to check the roaming service available for different countries. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about using the AIS eSIM when traveling. These are most of the details people need to know about this eSIM, so let’s move forward with other important details.

AIS eSIM supported devices

For those who haven’t used an eSIM or have doubts about where the eSIM works, it’s time to talk a bit about the supported devices people can use. Not all cellphones are capable of supporting an eSIM, and that’s something worth noting.

What’s good about this eSIM is the fact it will work on any device that supports eSIMs. That’s something great to know, and it makes it easier for consumers to know which devices they can use.

AIS Prepaid eSIM App

Something that has become common to see among cellular providers are apps so that customers can manage and monitor their data plans, SIM cards, and more. Companies from all around the world have been working on this at their own pace, so it is important to provide people information about what AIS provides as a product management tool.

In this particular case, there’s no eSIM AIS app, and there’s no option to manage it through their official website. It is quite a surprise because there’s no doubt these options have become common to see, but maybe in the future, AIS will add them to their portfolio.

How to get an eSIM from AIS?

There are different options to get an eSIM for travelers or those interested. This is becoming more common and represents a huge advantage for the consumer. Different providers are coming hand in hand with tech companies and startups to expand their service channels. In this case, the process of getting an AIS eSIM is pretty easy.

For customers to get an eSIM from this carrier, they have to visit a store to get one. It is a simple process, and it’s actually a process that’s not complicated at all. It is one of the fastest methods available for people to go for, and that’s great.

AIS eSIM activation

There’s no doubt that, when talking about eSIMs, one of the things people worry more about is the activation process. There’s no doubt this process might seem complicated, but it is actually extremely simple. 

What changes a bit is that there are different processes for iOS and Android devices, so let’s talk about both of them.

AIS eSIM activation on iOS devices

Depending on the eSIM people are using, there will be different processes for an eSIM activation. When discussing the AIS alternative, the process is actually simpler than thought before.

To add an eSIM to an iOS device, they need to visit their “Mobile/Cellular Data” menu under “Settings.” Once there, the option to “Add Mobile Data Plan” will come up, and the customer will need to complete the process manually.

AIS eSIM activation on Android and other devices

People might think that the Android activation process is quite different from the iOS one. Truth be told, both of these activation processes are mostly the same, and users won’t have to worry about it.

To add the eSIM to an Android device, people will have to go through the same process as iOS users. They need to visit the “Mobile/Cellular Data” menu, but there’s an additional step. They need to press “SIM Card Manager” and then add the eSIM from there.

AIS Prepaid eSIM alternatives

Up to this point, one of the things people might be thinking of is, “Are there alternatives for the eSIM?” Thankfully, the answer to this is yes. There are different alternatives for travelers and customers to use when it comes to not going for an eSIM from AIS.

The alternatives will mostly depend on what needs and maybe budget. There’s no doubt that most people continually look for the cheapest option, and that’s something normal to see. And this is something important for those who can’t even access an eSIM from the company.

As for now, the alternatives available are three. One of those alternatives is pocket WiFi devices, a famous alternative that has been around for quite some time. The second alternative is to use free WiFi when traveling, but it might not be the best option.

The third, and the best alternative for us, is to use an international eSIM. It is by far the best option for people to use, and there’s no doubt about it. For now, let’s give more details about what it offers!

eSIM Online

When it comes to using an eSIM, especially an international eSIM, people might have some doubts. In this case, we aren’t talking about the AIS digital SIM. We are talking about the Holafly eSIM.

This eSIM works in more than 80 different countries worldwide, and they have different data plans. Most of these plans come with unlimited cellular data, and that’s a huge benefit. There’s no doubt this is something worth mentioning to those interested in this option.

But what makes it a better option is that customers won’t need to pay for monthly data plans, and these can be bought within seconds through the official online store. So, it is for sure a better alternative than regular eSIMs!

FAQ about the AIS Prepaid eSIM

Is there a way to order the eSIM online?

Yes. Consumers won’t have to log in to the AIS website, as the process is done manually within a few seconds.

How many AIS eSIMs can people have?

Up to six eSIMs. But the thing is, people can only use one at a time, on their devices.

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